Short Stay with One Follow Up

8487-722 5a OR 5b 5a OR 5b

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Short Stay with One Follow Up

Study Number

8487-722 5a OR 5b


5a OR 5b




18 - 60


Daytona Beach, Florida



Study Dates

Dec. 11 - 27, 2022

Additional Information

The purposes of Part A are to evaluate the safety, tolerability (side effects), how much of the study drug gets into the blood stream and urine, and how long it takes the body to get rid of them. Part A will also evaluate the effect the study drug has on particular cells in the body. You will receive a single oral dose of the study drug or a placebo (dummy drug). Each group will receive a higher dose if it is determined there are no serious side effects from the previous group. 

Labcorp Daytona Beach, FL is recruiting for:

- Healthy Males and Females of Non-Childbearing Potential, age 18-60

- Body Mass Index between 18.5-32

- Study involves 1 stay of 8 nights, plus 1 follow-up visit

- Compensation up to $3,904 may be provided for time and participation

- Receive up to $200 per qualified participant


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Group 5a:

Check-in: Dec 11
Check-out: Dec 19

Follow Up Visit: Dec 27




Group 5b:

Check-in: Dec 12
Check-out: Nov Dec 20

Follow up Visit: Dec 27

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