1 Stay of 5 nights & 2 Calls

8501-085 3b Cohort 3b

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1 Stay of 5 nights & 2 Calls

Study Number

8501-085 3b


Cohort 3b




18 - 45


Daytona Beach, Florida



Study Dates

Feb. 05 - Mar. 10, 2023

Additional Information

The purpose of Cohort 3 is to evaluate the effects of the study drug on the amount of dabigatran etexilate that reaches the blood stream and how long the body takes to get rid of it. Dabigatran etexilate is a blood thinning drug that can increase the risk of bleeding because it lessens the ability of the blood to clot. The safety and tolerability of the study drug when given alone and when given with dabigatran etexilate will be evaluated and information about any side effects that may occur will be collected.


Labcorp Daytona Beach, FL is recruiting for:

- Healthy Adults, age 18-45

- Body Mass Index between 18-30

- Study involves 1 stay of 5 nights, plus 2 Phone Calls

- Compensation up to $3,830 may be provided for time and participation

- Receive up to $200 per qualified referral


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Cohort 3b: 
Check-in: Feb 5
Check-out: Feb 10

Phone Calls: Feb 15 & Mar 10

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