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Adults, Ages 18-65

8473-827 Cohort 1 Part 2 G1

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Adults, Ages 18-65

Study Number

8473-827 Cohort 1


Part 2 G1




18 - 65


Madison, Wisconsin


$9,025 to $10,465

Study Dates

Feb. 20 - Mar. 29, 2022

Additional Information

The purpose of Part 2 of the study is to evaluate the relationship between the study drug and heart rhythm. Part 2 will also measure how much of the study drug gets into the bloodstream, how long it takes the body to get rid of it, and the safety and tolerability of the study drug.

Labcorp Madison is recruiting for:

• Healthy Non-Smoking Adults, Ages 18-65

• Body Mass Index between 18-32

• Study involves a single stay of 24 to 28 nights and 1 follow-up call

Compensation $9,025 to $10,465 may be provided for time and participation


Call to schedule a screening appointment:

Check-In: Feb 20
Check-Out: Mar 24
Follow-up Call: Mar 29

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