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Healthy Adults, Age 18-60

8398-408 5b, 5c, 5d Cohort 5

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Healthy Adults, Age 18-60

Study Number

8398-408 5b, 5c, 5d


Cohort 5




18 - 60


Dallas, Texas



Study Dates

Flexible Dates

Additional Information

This is an investigational research study for a drug being developed for the treatment of certain types of blood disorders and kidney diseases.  The study drug is an antibody, a type of protein that is involved in the immune system. You will receive a single, 60-minute IV (intravenous) dose of the study drug or placebo (inactive drug) into a vein in your arm. This is the first time this drug will be given to humans.

• Healthy Adults, age 18-60

• BMI (body mass index) 18-32

• Join us for a stay of 8 days and 10 outpatient visits

• Compensation up to $10,194 may be provided for time and participation


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