How to prepare for your visit

Clinical Trial Screening Visit Checklist

You’re scheduled for a screening appointment. What happens next?

Each study has its own requirements. Here are some general tips to prepare for your screening visit:

  • Avoid alcohol approximately 48 hours before your appointment as it can affect test results.

  • Avoid poppy seeds approximately 7 days before your appointment as these can affect test results.

  • Avoid eating for approximately 8-12 hours before your appointment (exact time varies for each study). If directed, avoid eating

  • Avoid strenuous exercise such as weight lifting or running for 2-3 days before you appointment as this can also affect test results.

  • Do not stop taking any prescribed treatments without your doctor’s approval.

  • Come alone to your screening appointment. Family, friends and children are NOT allowed in with you. This is to protect the privacy of all participants.

  • Bring photographic proof of identity, either a valid ID, driver’s license or passport

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